Wave propagation and ventricular-arterial coupling

Our research is aimed on developing a 1-D model of the systemic arterial tree and using it to study the effects of different hemodynamic parameters and arterial grafting on hypertension.

Ocular biomechanics

Our work is focused on the development, characterization and testing of a new telemetricaly controlled adjustable glaucoma drainage device (AGDD) that allows a continuous control of the outflow resistance.


Arterial wall mechanics and vascular remodeling

We study  the contribution of each structural element  (scleroproteins, VSM) to the biomechanical properties of the wall in order to understand its mechanical function and derive appropriate constituent‐based models. We apply our theoretical models in the analysis and simulation of arterial remodeling in health and disease.

Hemodynamical forces and vascular diseases

Our main interest is to better understand the contribution of hemodynamic factors to the development vascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, aneurysms, arterial remodeling and hypertension.