Wave propagation and ventricular-arterial coupling

Contributors: Philippe Reymond, Orestis Vardoulis, Dimitris Kontaxakis, Bryn Martin, Nikos Stergiopulos (group leader)

Collaborators: Prof. N. Westerhof, Free U. of Amsterdam; Prof. P. Segers, Ghent University

We are studying wave propagation in the arterial tree and the interaction between the pumping heart and the arterial tree. We are interested in understanding how changes in arterial compliance may contribute to development of isolated systolic hypertension and the role that the heart, as an adaptive pump, may play into this. Our on-going studies include:

  • Development and validation of 1-D models of the circulation
  • Role of aging and arterial stiffening on isolated systolic hypertension
  • Effects of aortic grafts on wave reflection and contribution to systolic hypertension
  • Wave propagation phenomena in the coronaries